Thursday, June 30, 2005

La Daylily Orange

First daylily before the rain. Posted by Hello

Yes, that's right. The first orange daylily in the back garden came into bloom this morning...but more important, since I snapped that pic, it has begun to rain. Not a heavy rain, but certainly more than we've seen for a while...although the damp ground this morning suggests we had a little bit overnight, as well. It was only a tease though, as it's already stopped again. If only we could have one reasonable rainstorm (maybe with a little lightning) and then move on to nicer weather.

Normally, I am a little more concerned about watering the garden than about tourists on vacation I don't know. But I do have friends on Cape this week, and they've enjoyed, with good humor, an assortment of overcast skies, Cape Cod fog, and only a few short-lived glimmers of golden light since they arrived. I'd love them to have a little bit of our glorious sunshine sometime before they are making their way back toward the Bridge and the world beyond.

Of course, I don't expect it to really rain until this weekend, when a host of fireworks displays are scheduled. It's not my hope...I love the bang and the boom of a nice holiday skyrocket display for the Fourth...but I know how things often work in the universe. At the least the gardens' fireworks can't be called on account of rain!

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