Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mid June

A wave of heat following the rains of spring has the season racing along (tho things have cooled off a little more recently), and of course, just as things get really busy at work. But I've found all kinds of time to do things here and there on most days. And so I've been cleaning out beds, adding annuals to beds not quite full of perennials and ready for a little color.

As I get each bed well planted, and weeded, I've been top dressing with other seeds...lots of allyssum and johnny-jump ups and bachelor buttons. Sunflower seedlings are rising all over the place, the African marigolds have new clusters of leaves unfurling almost every day, as neighbors around them also reach for the sky.

The heat has the tomato seedlings outgrowing the greenhouse, and so each is finding its way to In Ground locations here and there as spots become available around the garden. These pretty calendulas have turned out to be an early centerpiece in a recent windowbox planting. Posted by Hello

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