Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Bird Spotted

So, I'm out in the back garden this afternoon, slowly getting into the raking/weeding groove on the long section of future garden that lies between the recently completed Three Sisters garden, and the rest of this particular long bed. It's a section that features a large yucca plant, and some miscellaneous not-as-yet entirely identified species I'd like to offer clemency for the moment. So the work is slow, as you try to pull out all the grass amongst everything, while preserving the rest for later identification...and also, finding a few areas to open up entirely for the remaining tomato seedlings.

And it wasn't until I'd actually broke through the soil and began to stir things up that it becomes a good idea to cover myself in bugspray. I try to use the stuff sparingly, but after only a few moments I'd been found by both mosquitos and ticks, and I was thinking all this out in a sort of slow, Arthur Dent-ish sort of way, when it occurred to me to wonder what THAT NOISE WAS?

It was right about there when the Fujifilm Blimp appeared above the southern end of my garden. No doubt it was turning inland from having a run at advertising over the crowds at Coast Guard and Nauset Light Beachs, maybe heading to have a go at the bayside crowds. Naturally, I had to run all the way back to the house for my camera, which I noted with some amusement, is actually a Fujifilm FinePix Digital Camera.

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I did get an assortment of nice shots of the thing, though sadly, the lighting was all wrong for being able to crop any of the garden into the shots. Still, the experience reminded me of my north Jersey childhood, when we would suddenly hear that same sound overhead, as the Goodyear Blimp worked the area around Teterboro Airport with its animated signage.

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