Friday, July 01, 2005

Calendar Page Turns

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And so, this morning, after three days of mild threats and dribbling showers, we finally had our first real rainstorm since the great bursts of pollen earlier this month. A good, solid, soaking rain...more thorough that I could possibly be with pickle buckets and a watercan.

I was certainly impressed, though, to discover that the allyssum seed I scattered around on Monday has already germinated and begun to green up the area where it was planted. Some benefits to moist, overcast days, I suppose.

This week magic of another kind came floating out of the garden, as the lightning bug show began these last few evenings. What fun it is to watch them randoming lighting up the air, trying to show off and get lucky for the evening. I read recently that lightning bugs are actually above slugs on the food chain, which has me thinking about how dismal the lightning bug population might be if my slug traps were more efficient...and so I've been leaving them dry lately.

Had my first sighting this evening of a red squirrel in our yard. O had seen one a month or so ago, but tonight he appeared to me, red-pawed in the bird feeder on the side of the greenhouse. Rather than run completely away, he scurried up to eyelevel on a nearby tree trunk, and scolded me for interrupting his dinner. Spunky little bugger...I've also seen a bunny once or twice in the garden area, but I've yet to discover any evidence of foraging. Maybe he'll decide he likes the oregano...we've certainly plenty of that to spare.

Live and let live, whenever possible!
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