Sunday, July 03, 2005

Cleome buds. Posted by Picasa

Nice day out there today. Enjoyed the day off, and just sort of rambled around the gardens...checking to see what was going on, and seeing where my efforts might be needed (watering, deadheading, weeding), and how things were coming along. Generally, things are looking pretty good. It's becoming apparent that, as regards the recently planted corn, 'knee high by the Fourth of July' is beginning to seem a bit of a pipe dream. Ah, well...

A few zinnia seedlings were awaiting final stationing from greenhouse to garden, so I got them located, and planted the remaining seeds of their variety here and there, for a little late season color. There were morning glory seeds to get in the ground, too...but I think they'll take right off.

Allyssum sprouting. Posted by Picasa

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