Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Heat Wave

First yellow African marigold begins. Posted by Picasa

We've been having a bit of a heatwave here. Certainly nothing as dire as they suffer with in Boston and other mainland environs, but climbing toward a hot 80 degrees as I write this. The ocean breezes do tend to keep us a little cooler here on the Cape, though certainly you mostly have to be AT the beach to enjoy those seabreezes first-hand.

This morning I heard my first locust buzz of the season, so you know it'll be a scorcher. Being careful to water each morning, as the sun begins to climb into the sky, and everyone in the gardens seems happy with that plan. Most of the tomato plants are looking pretty terrific, in fact, its difficult to keep up with supporting them, they're growing so quickly. There are tiny tomatoes all over the place, and some tiny bean pods in the Three Sisters garden, as well.

Every day there are new blossoms to enjoy, sometimes things that hadn't bloomed before. Our great drifts of oregano have, now that they are flowering, revealed themselves to be two different cultivars, one purple, the other white. Morning glories are climbing faster daily, and have begin to sport tiny flower buds.

Ah, there's always so much to see. And of course, research to be done away from the garden, too. One reading this should never forget, I don't always know what I'm talking about. There are SO many species of beetles to sift through, and so far no sign of either the Red Menace or the more recent questionable long-horned bug. And then there's the flowers. The recent stalk of tiny pink flowers that reminded me of catch-fly...I'm now wondering if that isn't some wild blazing star (since that name keeps repeating in my head as I watch it bloom).

Now that I have the latest Harry Potter book under my belt, I'm enjoying Sara Stein's next book, "Planting Noah's Garden", which is fun because she takes all those ideas and principles from the earlier book, and shows us some practical applications of them.

And meanwhile, the days of July race by, as they always do.
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Orange asiatic lily.

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