Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pleasing, the Fifth

White Asiatic Lily Posted by Picasa

So, I've celebrated our nation's birth with a fun and festive parade, fought my way through hoardes of tourist traffic, spent some time in the garden, watched the world as I know it destroyed by alien invaders (but I was glad to see that, per H.G. Wells' original, the Natural World wins out in the end!), and then watched a host of fireworks at a distance from one of my favorite bay beaches. Whew...

This morning brought the surprise of our first lovely lily of the season, apparently imperturbed by the red beetle menace. Everywhere more buds are forming, other lilies preparing to add their blooms to the show...a few mystery guests look promising (and familiar...I cruise nursery stands these days with an eye toward identifying an assortment of plants growing here in the yard).

And so, holiday festivities complete, it's back to the everyday excitement. Watering in advance of the hot and humid day to come, heading in to the office, ready to see what THIS day has in store.

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