Wednesday, July 20, 2005

What's the Buzz...

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Today, it would seem...the oregano came into its own, and was just swarming with pollinators drawn to the sweetness. It was kind of exciting for me (and here I go proving my status as Garden Geek). I remember honeybees from my childhood in NJ, I used to watch them (and try to catch them)as they'd zigzag their way through the clover in the lawn.

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In the years since, pesticides caught up with some of them, rare bee diseases claimed more...and they've really be on the decline. I hadn't seen one in a long, long time. Until this week...I spotted one the other day, flitting through the "ironweed" (I'll seek out a more official name shortly...)...and then today, there were literally dozens of them...and bumblebees (of two different sizes), wasps, butterflies, dragonflies. It was quite something...

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