Saturday, August 06, 2005

Container Gardens

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Oh, it just sounds so utilitarian. I've been reading a lot of the writing of legendary English gardener Vita Sackville-West...and she never uses the phrase "container", instead referring to them as pot gardens. Ah, but Vita my love, that means something else entirely in this modern age.

Meanwhile, I hadn't checked in (with the camera) recently on my porch containers, except in close-up. You can see the window box...which for Fourth of July was bursting with red, white and blue...has now turned mostly white, as the impatiens and asparagus fern have overtaken both lobelia and geranium. However, I'm able to continue the theme, porch-wise, with the adjacent pot, which is home to an apparently very happy red Wave petunia, and the blue volvulus (seen previously in close-up).

And if you squint, there's an accidental self-portrait of the gardener himself.

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