Thursday, August 04, 2005

Down the Rabbit's Hole

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This is a shot in the garden, looking to the east. I've mown a path through the wide margin of grapes and milkweed that are growing there, which leads to a break in the fence...the dark spot in the center of the picture. Last night we were showing some friends around the garden, when I looked down this pathway and saw not one, not two, not three...but at least four bunnies...most of them small and kit-like.

So, there's a family of them. Steph had just been telling us about her gardening mom's trials by rabbit...and I'd only just finished assuring her that while I saw one now and again, and had seen a little evidence of foraging, there'd been no real carnage.

I'm happy to welcome them to the garden, and hope we'll be able to share the place in peace. With luck, they'll continue to be satisfied with the asters and boltonia and leave the rest as it is!

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PimpPia said...

i like those flowers..