Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Vigil with Cindy

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Okay. I'm breaking my own rules here. I've always held that politics has no place in the garden. After all, it's the trials and turmoils of the world that so often send me out to the peace and serenity of the big backyard. But I'm just being foolish to think that those thoughts don't follow me out there, flitting in between my beetle cluelessness and watering worries.

Tonight, I participated in a local candlelight vigil to show support for Cindy Sheehan. As most know, she's the woman who's son was killed in Iraq, who has been spending the hot days of August outside our vacationing president's ranch, in hopes that he'll take a moment to hear her thoughts that the deadly occupation in Iraq must end soon. Yes, it's her grief that drives her, and yes, perhaps her stand has been politicized by others. But I was impressed and a little amazed at the crowd the vigil drew, young and old, tourist and local...and we received great support from drivers passing by.

It's been such a heartbreaking week, watching the ever-escalating bombings "over there", the evacuation of Israeli settlements in Gaza, new information about the status of the global environment and continuing troubles in so many other parts of the world. It's enough to make a simple gardener cry.

I stand by my previous statement that everyone on the bloody planet ought to grow their brains and lay down their weapons. Find alternative energy solutions and make them real now. And I still think that if we were each (who wanted it) given land for a garden, and access to water...the world could still be a better place. Silly little fool, aren't I? I know there's probably too many of us for that to work. But I guess there's the case for space exploration: get out there, NASA, and find us another arable planet we can expand to; maybe we'll treat that one with a little more respect.

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