Thursday, September 15, 2005

After the Rain

After a day of torrential rains, causing what they innocuously call "localized flooding" in the weather report, I can report that our day trip to Boston was nearly twice as long because flooding, bridge closures, car breakdowns and accidents (neither ours, thankfully), all related to the great storm that crossed over eastern Massachusetts today.

We had a great radio station (WBOS, 92.9 FM)to help pass the time, but there was still plenty of time to watch the water rushing by our stopped vehicles on the highway, and to wonder what it was like to evacuate before a hurricane, or what it must have been like to learn there was no home left to go to.

We did make it home safely and were grateful for that. The gardens, along with the rest of us, are well-watered, right on schedule. And there's more due for each day of the weekend, should Ophelia finally begin to move north from the Carolinas.

Meanwhile, just a few minutes ago, I spied this little frog enjoying the evening's high humidity on the shores of our little plastic pond. The fresh rainwater added to the pond today seems to have enlivened our two remaining coy, as well.
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