Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Expatriation Project

The great late summer transplant project continues. In addition to revisiting the organization and layout of many beds here at home, I've also been doing the same with some of the gardens at work, with an eye toward creating a secret garden nook that might be suitable for outdoor wedding ceremonies. In the process of moving things around there, I've also managed to rescue a few more of our expatriot perennials, which lived there during our time of housing uncertainty last winter, but are beginning to suffer a little from this summer's drought.

Despite continuing drought conditions, this eager veronica (speedwell) is attempting a reblooming.

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Of course, finding homes for these old friends in the new garden beds out back does involve being a little more proactive against the prolific oregano than I've been before. Some clumps have been dug out to share with friends...others are just ripped out and left to die (no doubt scattering their seeds everywhere, but I'll deal with that later). Here's some transplanted veronica and bright yellow coreopsis (neither in bloom just now).
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Also rescued was one very large plant of Coronation Gold yarrow, which was easily split into two when it arrived home. It's silvery foliage makes it relatively easy to spot in its new location. I also proudly call your attention to the Fountain Grass to the right in the picture. It's been here in the garden all season.
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