Monday, September 05, 2005

Montauk Daisies

It's taken me nine years of living here on the Cape before I finally, this weekend, discovered the name of those serrated edge, leathery leafed fall blooming daisies I see each year in mid-September or so.

Usually what happens is this: I spend too much money in garden centers at the season's start, buying all kinds of perennials that bloom in the early to high part of the summer season...but then find myself in a boringly green and fading garden come September. This year, I've been enjoying such a bounty of plants to play with already growing in this new location, that I was able to hold back on garden center purchases. So it was a little easier to justify adding a nice Montauk Daisy plant to my collection this past weekend when our paths crossed.

Here's the new addition (lower right), planted in the entrance bed of the back gardens, replacing several clumps of the ubiquitous oregano. I expect it will bloom shortly, but in the meantime, it is a lovely foliage plant. It's joined by some Shasta daisies and yellow daylilies, from the front garden digging project. Posted by Picasa

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