Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Cold March

The end of March approaches, and it has been cold (30F) the last few days, with some nice high winds to chill it down even further. BRR. Glad not to have raked out those garden beds, for the extra insulation all the leaves and stuff are providing. Still there are signs that the garden's opening act is in progress already, and so I'll get to that raking soon...but after the snow showers they're predicting for Thursday and Friday.

Despite the cold, a few of my primroses are going ahead with the program as rehearsed (Places, everyone...), and these little blue guys have found their mark in a spotlight of sun by the back door.

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Out back at the roots of a pine tree lives a terrific little patch of moss.

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There's definitely hope, and for those who need a little jump start for their winter-chilled hearts, here's some lovely pictures of orchids.

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