Friday, June 22, 2007

Another Garden Awaits

It was a rainy day on Long Lake, but you know I found time to get out for a prowl around Mom's gardens, drawn outside by those fresh stalks of foxglove (maybe a week behind the ones I left blooming on the Cape) and the chance for another look at some pretty irises (as ours have all passed) for the year.

Nearly hidden by giant ferns and agressive hostas, the pansies peek out here and there along the front wall.

This pale pink columbine danced on the wind, barely pausing long enough to pose for the camera.

I just love this moun
ous rose bush. I'd never been fortu
nate enough to see it in bloom before...and it is truly love at first site. It's about six feet tall and deep, and is just covered in these ruffly, candy-like blossoms.

By the birdbath, this clump of wild daisies have come into bloom. In this gardener's humble opinion, no garden can have enough daisies, in all their variety.

I believe this is a Korean lilac, blooming just a few weeks behind the American varieties.

Evening brought a bit of sunshine, to see us over to school for the celebration of Graduation and also the occasion of my Favorite Librarian's retirement. She was the most excellent commencement speaker, by the way.

So I offer Congratulations to the five graduates of Long Lake Central's Class of '07 and to my Mom. And as they turn to re-explore their worlds, to face the future's challenges and excitements, I wish them all the very best of luck.

And really, amongst all the other bits of advice and platitudes that both graduates and retirees are showered with, this gardener reminds you to always find time to smell the flowers you find along your path!!

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