Monday, June 25, 2007

Monday Morning

Monday morning saw my return to the Garden for a quick visit, before heading out to work. As you can see, things are looking a bit shaggy, with plenty of mowing and trimming to be done.

But you can also see that things have really begun to bloom, including more of those lovely red roses on the trellace (and their cousins, hidden deep in the raspberry wilds behind the peach tree).

Also joining the show in my absence are these lovely pink moss roses, which sadly, are not blooming as heavily as they did last year. Still, every one is lovely. Perhaps some hard pruning later in the season will help them for next year.

And the tickseed coreopsis has finally exploded with colorful blossoms. Perhaps next year I will remember to give this plant more support, to keep it from being a great flolloppy mess of color. Actual, if it were surrounded by the Oregano That Ate Eastham, that might even be support enough.

This pink penstemon is blooming still, though only six inches high. This is a new plant for me, only just planted last season and blooming for the first time this week. I'm interested to see if it's a One and Done plant, or if it will rebloom for a while.

And meanwhile, out in front of the house, hidden deep inside the rhododendron, four catbird babies hatched this weekend, keeping their mom and dad quite busy bringing in beak-loads of insects. Here's one of the new arrivals eagerly awaiting the next feeding.

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