Thursday, August 02, 2007

Afternoon Heat

Was home around the height of the afternoon heat, but that didn't stop me from wandering out into the garden to see what I could see.

With temperatures reaching the high 80s, with some real humidity, a locust whirred hotly from this treetop as I headed out back.

As expected, it was "rush hour" in the garden, with all the usual suspects as regards the Pollinators, like this bumblebee, and other less usual visitors, like the beetle hiding behind the bumble (whom I didn't even see until I'd taken a closer look at this picture!).

The thistle plant I "rescued" from the railroad right-of-way last year began blooming today.

Not far away, this stalk of purple garden phlox joined the show, as well.

Spotted two more honeybees out there..each one a reason to celebrate!

Here's a wild daisy, nestling in close with the pale foliage of mugwort. I'd learned the last two years that mugwort doesn't bloom, but isn't unattractive, until it begins to get too tall, about this year, I've been pruning them back to make them lower and bushier...and I'm enjoying the effect.

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