Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chine On...

This evening, in honor of the memory of Jose Jimenez, I present you two views of the fabled Harvest Moon.

Here, the red moon rises in the east over Boat Creek Marsh. I love this shot, since its the first time I've ever captured those surface markings which always look to me like the face of Jackie Gleason.

And just minutes ago through the trees off the side porch: Doesn't it look like the moon's caught in the branches?

Yep, it's true folks. The yard is flooded with moonlight and I stayed on the porch. The thing is, it just looks too beautiful to mess up with a flashlight beam, or to set off the motion-sensored spotlights out back. And its just too dark to be out there without the light. There's coyotes out there, after all.

And if there's anything I hate, it's knowing that I could be freaking out over the branch-crackings of an industrious late-night chipmunk...or the tread of someone higher on the food chain.

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