Monday, September 03, 2007

Pond Life

With Labor Day...and the Summer of 2007...slipping away, we grabbed on to a last bit of summertime fun this afternoon and rented a canoe for a few hours, so we could paddle around our own Krogman's Pond and do a little exploring.

Even the ever-intrepid Emily Grace joined us for the ride. She's fond of leaning over to lick the pond as we paddle, so her canoe skills are still a little shoddy. But when you consider the pond isn't more than two feet deep at its deepest, we were in little danger.

It sure was cool to get a nice close look at those waterlilies that we can only see as tiny white spots from on shore.

Amongst the lilies and pickerel rush, we found plenty of life. Most abundant are the great variety of frogs, but we also saw a few ducks and Owen spotted a pretty large turtle (who submerged as we got close).

Just when we thought we'd seen it all, Old Joe came in for a landing on a nearby fallen tree.

This seems to be the juvenile blue heron I photographed a week or so ago, and I was amazed at how close we were able to get to "him".

We were trying to be sort of discreet, so as not to disturb him, but Em was a bit excited and rocking the boat a little...and there was a prevailing breeze that had us drifting a little too closely...and Old Joe took to the air for the far end of the pond.

We paddled along after him, trying to keep our distance, but Old Joe was quite wary and after another moment or two of our presence (and a few more photos), he retreated to the safety of an onshore pine tree...which in itself was pretty impressive.

Sure was fun to get out on our little pond for a change, instead of just enjoying it from the edge of the water. A great way to wrap up the summer.

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