Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday's Garden

There's nothing like September to make you neglect a garden. Most of the "big ticket" flowers have bloomed already, so there isn't that daily wonder of mid-summer, when something new blooms every day. There's more to attend to at work, and as the days of summer fade, there's an imperative to hurry up and relax before the days shrink down to nothing and the nice temperatures fade away. And that doesn't even take into account those eternal pleasures of laundry and housework.

Today was not one of those cool fall days, though: we had temperatures climbing through the seventies and some beautiful sunshine. Here's the few blossoms I did happen upon in the back garden, like this cosmos...and these pink snapdragons.

In another part of the garden, the foxglove of spring make an autumn return, while everywhere, clouds of purple and white asters are unfurling tiny petals.

As I returned from the garden, a wee chipmunk ran behind a board at the back of the house, and then performed some sort of balancing maneuver to run up the inside to get a better look at me.

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