Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Morning

It was a pleasure to enjoy a cup of coffee out in the garden this morning. Of course, this time of year, it always seems a little bittersweet, as you realize that so much of the season is quickly behind us.

But it was sunny...and warm in the sun: our temperatures lately have been hovering around the mid-sixties for daytime and fifties in the evenings.

Great sleeping weather, as they say, but it was so recently that we felt the warmth of summer, and I sort of wish it wouldn't turn off like a light switch once Labor Day's come and gone!

As for the garden, it's showing signs of being a little tired at this end of the season, but I blame that largely on my not having mowed or weeded recently. There's still plenty going on, and more blooming to come.

Those red snapdragons have popped some lovely blossoms out of the hedge of oregano they lurk beside. And the goldenrod, after some pruning to keep its height in check, has begun to blossom, its great arching sprays of yellow lighting up the center bed.

If you're a bee, they are also a great place for chin-ups. If they have chins, that is.

On the western edge of the Orchard Garden, a family of squirrels was busy building a new nest for the winter.

And on a dying stalk of gladiola, this small brown spider pretended to be a bit of dried leaf. (Apologies to my arachniphobic readers!) I've posted "his" picture at BugGuide and I'll let you know if I learn anything interesting.

(9/07/07: This appears to be a nursery web spider, AKA, pisaurina mira)

Don't dwell on it, though. It's just a spider. Here, look at this beautiful picotee cosmos blossom instead. I'm very glad to have become acquainted with this variety this summer. I'll be glad to welcome more like them in future years.

The hostas are blooming nicely, too.

Like I said, things are looking a little shaggy and wild, due to my benign neglect. There'll be other days for working out there, getting the place in shape for the coming winter and next summer. I'd like to do some soil amendment this fall, and you can be sure there'll be some bulbs to plant.

Today, it was nice to enjoy the sunshine while it is still warm!

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Anonymous said...

Is that your garden?!? Cool stuff, looks quite big.