Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It was a lovely golden day, more like a day in September or August, except for the angled rays of the sun. Warm, too, but with steady breezes, which made working out there a bit easier. An extra blessing came when the forecast afternoon rains didn't arrive until evening.

A pink dianthus makes merry in the late season.

Here's a dragonfly basking on the old van seat in the back garden. Later, I tried to capture a shot of him poised on some oregano seedheads, but as I pushed the button, he took to the air and landed on the back of my hand for a nice close-up. And here's the universe reminding me to sometimes just enjoy the beauty for myself and not always try to share it with everyone.

Isn't it interesting how the color of the imperial mum completely changes in evening shade. It's like a different flower altogether.

I love the contrast of the yellow and green peach tree foliage and the way they glowed in the sinking sunglow.

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