Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday's Progress

Rain continued this morning, but fortunately tapered off just before noon, and so I was able to get back to work on the new garden border...which is starting to look like one now. It will be fun to have all this done, so I can enjoy the business of deciding where each plant will go, as I plan out how I might like it to look.

Growing amongst the grass beneath the fence was this creeping plant. It looks a little minty, but also seems vaguely familiar. I wonder if its some form of campanula. Anyway...I was able to salvage a few nice clumps of the stuff from the weeds and grasses and have replanted those along the edges of the bed. Even if they don't bloom, the green is nice.

I also discovered an old rose root amongst the plant matter I was sorting out from soil. If not for the tiniest leaves to identify, it would've found the debris pile. But I spotted it and replanted and we'll see how it does.

Here's the sum total of today's accomplishment, which was a good one. I should be able to finish the other end tomorrow morning and maybe have a little time left to work around the lamp post.

Either way, the plants are arriving on Sunday. Everything will work out fine: the universe sent me a sign.

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Anonymous said...

Looking good Greg! The new place looks really nice - and the fence will make a nice gardening area...

Heather - Pence that is