Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Greeting the Season, Outer Cape Style

Sunset on Blackfish Creek, Wellfleet, MA.

We all know that Christmas and the other December holidays are coming fast upon us, but when the calendar page still says November, it can be hard to get into the spirit. Already, I'm tired of alternate versions of "Christmastime is Here", which I'm hearing all too often at work, as I deck the halls there.

With the rest of my time lately spent packing boxes or wondering where the things in those boxes will fit in the new house...and a hundred other things, my feelings of festivity come and go.

So when I needed a haircut and a fresh infusion of holiday cheer, I scheduled one for late afternoon...knowing that Provincetown would not fail to perk me up.

Every year on Thanksgiving, in a ceremony celebrating the visit by the Pilgrims on their way to Plimoth, the monument named for them in Provincetown is illuminated for the holiday season.

Down in Lopes Square, they've fashioned a tree from carefully-stacked and decorated lobster pots and buoys which is pretty cool. I hear they had to rebuild it after an unfortunate motorist incident. I think it looks great.

nately, some places have already closed up for the winter, but there are still plenty of [mostly] year -round favorites offering festive window displays to enjoy as you walk along Commercial well as additional views of the monument.

Provincetown Town Hall, Commercial Street.

If you're free this weekend (I'm not), local businesses will be hosting their annual Holly Folly festivities, which always sounds like great fun to me.

Don't forget to bundle up (it's cold in PTown this time of year!), bring plenty of cash and wear practical shoes!!

As you can see, few but me were out along Commercial Street tonight, but that made situating the tripod an easier business.

And I was glad I had a hat, since there was a bit of a wind blowing.

Man, you can just hear the sleigh bells now, can't you?

Well, everyone says there's still plenty of time. ; )

In Truro, the vineyard is getting into the holiday act, as well.

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Nice pics!

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