Wednesday, November 07, 2007

November Days

November has brought with it some chillier temperatures and the gardening season is just about over. It's also brought a fair amount of things to be done at work, so I'll be working on the Garden Move early next week...just about in time.

Meanwhile, I thought I'd share the last blooms of the season: a black-eyed susan in the meadow and the last nice-looking Montauk daisy in the back garden.

And while I'm showing pretty flowers, its also time to wish a belated Happy Birthday to my dear Mom. (No worries, Gentle Readers, I didn't forget her birthday last weekend. It's just with the storm and all, I didn't get the chance to mention it here.)

Not much to take pictures of lately. I seem to be getting out of work too late to catch sunsets anymore, now that Daylight Savings Time has ended. Here's a look at the now-empty marina at Rock Harbor, another sign of the changing seasons.

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