Sunday, November 04, 2007

So...we had this storm, with about twenty-four hours of pretty high winds and a full day of rainfall (four inches in some locations).

Today's weather was lovely by comparison, and if not for the physical evidence here and there, and news reports, I might not have known the storm happened.

For instance, the pond is looking like a pond again and the ducks were enjoying their newly-restored waterfront.

Much of the debris in our yard, luckily, are smaller chunks of dead branches the storm's winds pruned out of the tree canopy...and lots of leaves and pine needles, which were due to come down, anyway.

There are a few larger branches, like this one that came down outside my bedroom window, pinning into the rose of sharon tree there. The RoS is just fine, as it was a large branch, but not especially heavy or thick.

I did see some damage to one of the willow trees along Bridge Road while I was out today, but didn't see much else. I suppose I might've seen more if I'd been out earlier in the day, when folks were just cleaning up.

That clean-up's not quite over yet, if I judge based on the number of generators I can hear roaring in the night as I write this. Power remains out for lots of folks in town and in the general area. We know some who've taken to a hotel room for the night (though that was as much for the football game on TV as the shelter, I think...)

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