Friday, November 02, 2007

Storm Warning

And so we receive the "surprise" news that a hurricane is headed in our general direction that November has arrived!

But global warming's still a myth, right?

I'd been hearing some of the details about Tropical Storm Noel rampage in the south as background to the last few busy days, but wasn't really thinking about it coming this way...which it is.

The TV forecasters say it will ride by to our east and that we shouldn't feel too much from it...but they are in Boston, and aren't always sensitive to our details...and even passing by us, it sounds like we have all the fun of a nor'easter to look forward to, with possible gusts of 50-60 MPH or better, and as much as four inches of rain tomorrow.

As you can see from this morning's photos of the still-shrinking pond, we'll have plenty of room for the rain.

I did take advantage of the nice morning to gather up all the plants-a-potted and shelter them close together, with some big stones around them to hopefully keep them in place against the wind.

Also tried to generally secure some things in the yard against whatever will come, and we'll keep our fingers crossed!

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