Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bits of Progress's still a marathon, but at least yesterday we were able to put paid to the old house and get the last of our stuff out of there. It's kind of exciting and more than a little bit of a relief to have both feet in a single household again.

But now with just two days until Christmas, it's time to turn the attention to that a little more thoroughly, like finally getting our lovely Christmas wreath up on the front of the house--thanks, Mom and Dad!!

So this morning I worked on assorted projects around the house, as the unpacking continues.

I also managed to clean out some space in the attic last night to make room to store some of our stuff, so I put up a few decorations here and there before stashing the rest of the Christmas boxes up there.

Nice to have the stockings hung, which also helps to reassure "The Kids" that Santa's received our Change of Address notice.

Being able to get some boxes out of the way has opened up floor space in the back room--oh, that's right, there's a carpet in here! This room will be the best place for a Christmas tree in future years, with its higher ceilings and all, but I'm not quite sure we'll be ready to do that in there this year (ie, Tomorrow...), so I'll be looking for something scrawny and narrow that'll fit in the living room without crowding us too much.

I even got some holiday fiddly-bits up in the kitchen, which is still pretty much a war zone. Theoretically, it'll be a little tidier by Christmas Day, at which point it'll be nice to have something festive happening there.

Of course, I feel a little duplicitous sharing these nice pictures of the house with you, when to the side of where I'm photographing, Chaos Reigns.

Soooo...I'll include these two shots just for the sake of Honesty in Blogging.

I even managed a little bit of Christmas shopping on the way into work this evening.

Here's one of the remaining snow piles from last week's storm with the nearly full moon rising behind it, as seen from the parking lot at the Hallmark store.

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