Friday, December 14, 2007

Scenes From A Move 2

Friday morning came early, but brought with it temperatures climbing into the forties, which meant clear roads for our multiple trips back and forth. I made my first right away, with the load of stuff I had intended to deliver on Thursday, before the heavy snows changed my plans.

Was nice to see Not Wisteria Lane blanketed with snow when I arrived, but with so many more trips to be made, there wasn't really time to linger. The second trip of the day saw the moving of "The Kids", Emily and Badum, and all their stuff. Here's a fun shot of the kitty distress...if only I could capture the sounds and scents of his full displeasure at traveling.

Although the temperatures worked in our favor, as you can see, the driveway was a bit of a mess by the fading of the afternoon.

We did get much accomplished, though some things (like, apparently, the contents of the silverware drawer)remained for another day. The last trip of the day was enjoyable, despite exhaustion, as there are pretty Christmas lights all along our route from old house to new.

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