Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dawn of A Year

I thought it'd be good to start the new year with a little exploration of our new environment, so I decided to look for an alternate route to the grocery store and found myself stopping by Saquatucket Harbor in Harwich for a little local color.

The new calendar page shone more brightly a few hours earlier, with a sunrise I didn't get up to photograph and we enjoyed a sunny hour or two before clouds began to slip into view.

By the time I'd reached the harbor, it was beginning to rain fairly heavily and my taste for reconnaissance waned. Just as well, there was plenty to do still at the new homestead.

I did manage to stop for a look at this little roadside pond that comes up to the edge of the road on either side as the road passes through a hollow.

This bothers me on some level, since there's an indication that this used to be one larger pond, now split in half by the roadway. It's an important roadway and all, but I'm still saddened by our human need to dominate the landscape, often with little thought for other creatures.

But at least the two halves of the pond remain, and weren't filled in for develop ment.

The other day we drove past this pond and there were several ducks floating right there beyond the guardrail, one with his butt high in the air as he foraged below the pond surface.

This amused me, since we were suddenly closer to these ducks, in our vehicle, than we'd ever gotten to the ones who made Krogman's pond in Eastham their winter home.

New Year's Day is a good time to take stock of things, and I suppose I was doing just that as I sorted through and unpacked various boxes of the Things We Moved.

And its a great time to count your blessings, and remember to include the little things that make our souls sing...like Clementine oranges!!

I only saw a few minutes of this year's Tourna ment of Roses Parade, but by late evening, I had managed to carve out some office space in the back room and got the computer station configured, for the arrival of Broadband and telephone service tomorrow.

Please indulge me while I finally show off my sweet new computer chair, one of my favorite Christmas gifts this year!

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