Thursday, January 31, 2008

For the Birds

Two bird shots for this last day of January, but not that kind of birdshot. Both are taken through our kitchen window, so I apologize for the clarity. What with the cat trying to crowd me out of the window and chasing the birds off, getting any shots of them at all feels like a triumph!

The first features a little sparrow who came around the back of the house to explore the seed I'd spread for the juncoes over the weekend (now revealed again by melting snows).

It was cold here last night, down in the 20s, but 48 was the high temp yesterday afternoon...and as I write this, we've already gotten up to 34 again. Ah, winter...the furnace kicks on (this year with a sound like a cash register, tho perhaps I'm imagining that bit) and I long for spring.

This morning I spotted this little guy out back. He (or perhaps she, owing to the dull color of its markings)seems to be a Northern Parula warbler. There's the barest hint of yellow on its breast, but I've never seen one close up before.

I was pretty sure I spotted one in our Eastham yard a few years back, but it was a treetop sighting from the ground and I could never get a close look.

I do know I heard some pretty singing out there this morning.

We should take a lesson: just 'cause it's cold doesn't mean we shouldn't sing!

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