Friday, January 04, 2008

Winter Comes Home

Having only recently moved in, the house remains in a bit of disarray, and some unlikely things are in spaces they might not normally be...such as this pair of potted canna lilies, who've begun growing during their last three weeks in my bedroom.

The lily of the valley on the window sill are, of course, fake.

Our snow continued for a little while longer this afternoon, its pristine white offering a nice back ground for the bones of last summer's Queen Anne's lace.

Here's our snowy street as I left for work. Note the glimmer of blue sky behind snowy clouds.

Around the corner from us, some folks have decorated this lovely little pine tree for Christmas, using those deep, rich toned LED light strings.

I think these lights make this tree a quiet beauty, especially now with a coating of snow on the ground, and it's been a welcoming treat for the eyes every night just before getting home.

Perhaps you've noticed I'm a little late posting tonight. With our outdoor current temperature of 16 degrees (Fahrenheit, for you Europeans...), I think you'll agree that tonight was hardly the ideal night for our furnace to give us the Finger.

Fortunately, we noticed the increased chill in the house before it was too late in the evening to want to contact our landlord, who brought an emergency service person over...and although they've both left not long ago, I'm very happy to say the furnace is working once again.

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