Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spring in January

Just one of the great things about living on Cape Cod is that, even tho we get to enjoy the cold and snow of the occasional winter storm, there's also always a good chance that our proximity to the ocean will bring us at least a few sunny and warm winter days that feel more like spring. I suppose this is why some of my friends over the bridge refer to the Cape as "the Florida of Massachusetts."

Today was one of those days, with temperatures quickly rising into the high 50s, or possibly beyond (I took a picture of our outdoor thermometor reading 70 degrees around mid-afternoon...but I'm a little dubious about the source, since it recently showed a reading of 110, leading me to wonder if the shed it hangs on was about to burst into flames!). It was a beautiful day, and the best weather we could've hoped for as a day for the transition between old and new furnaces.

While that massive under taking was ongoing, I was able to plant those tulips which had been overlooked in the frenzy that followed the Garden Move last fall. I've been keeping them in a cool dark place, and I think they'll be no worse the wear for the delay.

While getting those planted, I also discovered this iris root, lying on the grass near the garden bed. I'm not sure if this was overlooked by me as the light faded from the sky on that last planting day (in which case it's survived admirably!) or if it was dug up by some foraging critter. In either case, it's safely back in the ground.

I enjoyed the chance to get outside and do a little digging, though I was also glad it was only a little digging. It is still January, after all, and a gardener needs to find the down time where he can.

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