Friday, February 29, 2008

February Farewell

Continuing the Leap Day Beach Walk, I found myself next at the Boat Launch at Rock Harbor, for sunset itself.

Now the thing about a sunset is, I could show you a single picture...but a sunset isn't a moment, it's the whole process...the experience of it.

It's about enjoying the way the red and orange light plays across surfaces and dances over the ripples of tidal ice. It's about clambering over the rocks of the breakwater the same way you do in the summer, only later realizing that in summer, there aren't slick patches of ice!

It's about catching your breath as you see the colors changing, deepening as the sun slides beyond the horizon. The sky blue above darkening, the red orb sinking into the, it was also a little about frostbite.

And so we bid adieu to February and turn our eye toward the eastern horizon, where March quickly approaches, bringing with it Spring and the Triumphant Return of the Green.

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ThriftShopRomantic said...

What a beautiful way to conclude the month! We'd concluded ours with lots of that white wet stuff. Fortunately, today is s'wonderful.