Monday, February 18, 2008

Painting the Sky

Another rainy day here on the Cape, and powerfully so. The rain and wind battered heavily against the windows and outer walls all day long, so despite our warmest temperature in sometime (51!), I didn't even bother with going outside, and instead turned my attention to the next phase of my on-going painting project.

Previously on the Midnight Garden (heh...): the walls in this room were already blue when we moved in...and the ceiling liberally decorated with a universe full of glow-in-the-dark stars. Last time, I added some darker blue bits to the walls with a crumpled plastic grocery bag.

Today, I finally broke out my star stencils and some white paint and used a little bit of sea sponge to start bringing the stars down onto the walls, for a result that kind of blends Wonder Woman's shorts and the sky over the treelot that Charlie Brown and Linus visit every year at Christmastime.

I want to go back and do another round of the smaller stars, maybe bringing in a few yellow ones to finish things off, and then it'll be finished. (By then, spring should be here, and I'll hopefully have a little extra money for framing some comic book art I want to showcase on the new walls...)


Anonymous said...

As I said before Greg, the room looks awesome! :) It's nice to see a larger pic of it. Oh, this is farting Vicki. I seem to be having probs logging into my google.

Greg said... that I think about it, just about every Vicki I've ever met was a *little* gassy...

Thanks, though! Really pleased with the way it looks. Needs a few more stars, though!