Saturday, February 09, 2008

Provincetown Morning

It had been two months since I'd last been shorn, so off to Provincetown I went this morning...and I must say, what a lovely day for the trip!

The last week has really been pretty dismal and rainy. I heard someone suggest today that it was as though New England itself was mourning the unfortunate outcome of the recent Superbowl.

This photographer likes morning light best for taking pictures, and in February, any light will today was a little like winning the lottery. Since the trip is a little longer now from Harwich, I left a little extra time for the trip and ended up having some free time before my appointment to capture the gorgeous light of a Provincetown winter morning.

The harbor was still, the tide hanging in the balance between ebb and flow. The quiet was as delicious as light tang of salt in the air. Long Point and it's lighthouse seem to be floating in the sky.

Coming down Commercial Street, I couldn't help but smile at the sight of the former Heritage Museum restored to the town skyline. As part of a great renovation project that transforms it into the new home of the Provincetown Public Library, the building's upper components were sort of dismantled for a few years; here's a little more on that.

It's nice to see it looking so great again.

As I enjoy the beautiful morning, for a moment I regret not having had a digital camera for the eleven months I was a PTown resident. Of course they were brand new then and in no way afforable, but it would be fun to have a more complete photographic memoir of that time: The streets in different seasons, the gardens, the bike trails, the guys after tea dance, gallery openings, whales in the harbor, the nightly mardi gras of summer.

And I would certainly have taken many pictures of the Whalers Wharf Fire, so large out my bedroom window it appeared the whole town was ablaze. It's hard to believe that particular February night was ten years ago tomorrow.

(EDIT, 2/10: Here's another remembrance, with a link to some images of that night.)

How time has flown here by the sea.

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