Sunday, February 10, 2008


Sunday found us splitting our time between sunshine and clouds. The sun would shine bright and golden, if not as warm as yesterday. And then the clouds would roll in and it would get real dark. And it would rain.

And then the sun would come out as it rained, and the rain would stop. And the cycle continued, with rain being replaced with snow flurries. That photo above was taken as snow flurries flew, though none translated to the image.

However, a little while later, there was a slamming gust of wind as it got real dark...and then it began to snow.

It felt like the start of something, but it wasn't the start of a big snowstorm.

As evening deepened, we've seen a few more rounds of snow flurries, full of sound and fury and amounting to very little.

The wind's howling, though. It's churning the wooden chimes in the side yard and jangling the storm bells in the birch tree out front and bringing in some very cold temperatures.

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Princess said...

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