Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Winter Scenes

First off, I wanted to show off the potted canna lily that's growing so nicely in my bedroom. At this rate, it'll be ready to bloom as soon as its warm enough this summer!

On the subject of killing two birds with a single stone (no offense, starlings!), I've also heard from a few of you requests for what the recent painting project entails...so I managed to work in the recently painted walls as the background here.

The pale blue walls already existed...on Sunday, I added the darker speckling, which has sort of changed the character of the blue walls a little. Now just wait until I've got a little time to do some stenciling.

Today I thought I would share a few random winter scenes with you, taken along today's more circuitous route to work. First, is this frozen pond and house in North Chatham, overlooking Pleasant Bay and the Atlantic Ocean beyond.

Next, I stopped along the road to capture a flock of assorted waterbirds who were splashing and feeding in the open water where Tar Kiln Creek feeds into Pleasant Bay. Of course, they flew off as soon as my camera was ready, but the ice formations along the shoreline were still pretty cool.

Today's final image is this frozen fishing boat, at Rock Harbor in Orleans.

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ThriftShopRomantic said...

The paint job is going to be interesting, I think...

Cool, too, because it's got sort of a wall-paper look to it from here. Can't wait to see Phase Two. :)