Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Awakenings: A Taste To Tease Us

It's spring, we know that. The birds remind us all the time...and around us, in the grass, the gardens, the trees, we can see a little more green every day. But the temperatures have been staying low, in the high thirties mostly.

So it was with great joy that we realized today that the temperature was rising and the wind was dying off. By five the afternoon, our thermometors clamored a proud 51 degrees. Hats were stuffed into pockets, jackets were shed. There was basking.

First-year bulbs (planted the previous fall) always bloom a little later than they will once fully established, so the crocuses at home haven't begun their show yet. However, these have been blooming outside the Jailhouse for years and today joined us in the brief celebration of warmth.

Temps will fall tonight again, and there's talk of both rain and snow (no accumulation, they say...) for tomorrow and Friday. But today, we basked, dreaming of things to come.


Hey, have you visited Pale Male recently? I just love watching these birds take on Manhattan.


Butch said...

Those flowers are breath taking, in my opinion. Very beautiful. I might look into purchasing some bulbs for nex year's blooming garden.

Our own weather has been rainy and then a light dusting ( that stuck without melting ) of surprise snow. It is gone today but the weather has been staying in the higher thirties. ( 30s F.)
This will eventually pass. Nice picture taking.

Greg said...

Sorry to hear about the new snow...but keep in mind it carries lots of nitrogen with it--they call snow "the poor man's fertilizer". So it could be good for the garden, in small doses now.

As for bulbs, I just LOVE love love them for beautiful flowers with a minimum of work.

You can plant all the spring favorites in the fall for next year...but meanwhile, look for some lily bulbs (asiatic, or the delightfully scented oriental, varieties) to plant now (or in a few weeks) for fabulous blooms after mid-summer this year!!

Butch said...

Greg: Many thanks for the garden tips. I'll start looking around and see what I can find. ( I didn't know about the "Poor man's Fertilizer." I learns something new every day. )

The_Mrs said...

I can't tell you how wonderful your pictures are! I can't imaigne how beautiful these flowers must be in person.

Oh, I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here.. and stay here!

I may be bugging you for tips.. I'm a horrible gardener. :(

Greg said...

Oh, sure you can, Mrs.: tell me, tell me! ; )

Glad to offer you any tips I can. No one who tries is a horrible gardener.

I'll be wishing some warm weather your way, and in the meantime, giving you a few more tastes of glorious spring as the next week or so goes by!