Thursday, March 06, 2008

By the Sea

I was scoping out another part of Harwich for a rental Mom and Dad are considering for their upcoming Cape Escape, and had the chance to stop by the beach at the end of the road.

It's just a little neighborhood beach, room for just a few cars to park. Most beach-goers probably stay in the houses nearby...coming down to the shore in the morning and watching the summer sun cross the sky...well, when the tide is right, anyway.

It was a beautiful day to stop and smell the salt air. The beach, though, is rather small, at least at high tide, as this was becoming...even the steps down from the parking lot were occasionally awash.

Still, it was nice to be the sun and a well-timed couple of steps got me off the stairs and onto the beach and...well, why don't I just let the photos tell what little tale there is?

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somewhere joe said...

A beach is a beach. I like the cosseted little intimate ones...