Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunny Spring Saturday

Saturday brought some heartening signs of the Spring. I just love the way robins behave...they way they stick their heads up in the air, standing still and listening, and then lowering their heads to dart forward, running across the grass.

I watched this robin this morning doing just that in the front yard, and then, when he got to the edge of the garden, he just stopped and sort of sat there. No doubt, he was soaking up the sun's warmth, but I also believe the robins had fled for southern climes when I created the garden here last he might've been taking stock of the changed landscape, too.

I suppose there's a slight chance that he was admiring all the little clusters of crocus foliage which are coming up here and there at the front of the beds. I think we'll see our first blossoms in the coming week!

Here's a hyacinth, just emerged from the warming soil. Although it was still a bit breezy today, the sun was nice and warm in sheltered spots and generally, it was a great day to be outside.

As it turned out, my schedule for the day allowed me to take a few breaks here and there to accomplish assorted non-work stuff. Around noontime I found myself in Eastham to do some banking.

I couldn't resist a drive-by the old place, and was happy to see that all the recent rain have done wonders to restore the pond to its former levels. I'm sure our old duck pals are quite pleased. I wonder if the buffleheads showed up again this spring.

I saw this swan as I drove by the Herring Pond and stopped to take his picture, and also to peek into the herring run to see what sort of activity there might be. Though the herring haven't yet made their appearance, there's an abundance of small fry darting through the shallow waters...and sometimes getting sucked over the little waterfalls made by the old wooden ladders.

Happily, my late afternoon appoint ments wrapped up in time to visit Skaket Beach for the sunset, before dashing about for a few Easter-related items.

This evening I boiled and dyed a couple dozen eggs, which I decorated with the names of everyone who'll be working serving and waiting for the madness which is Easter Brunch Buffet tomorrow. I hid them all over the restaurant, which will hopefully make working on the holiday a little more fun. The eggs came out looking pretty great, and I was sorry to realize later that I'd forgotten to take some pictures of them.


Butch said...

What an eventful day you had and still had time to boil eggs and colour them. I haven't done that in so long. Perhaps, it's time to start reviving some old rituals.

Lovely pictures of Spring and a beautiful sunset to end the day as well.

Greg said...

It was fun to dye eggs again this year! I had considered trying the Martha Stewart trick where you transfer patterns from old silk neckties onto the eggs, but I didn't get the thrift shop in time...turns out food coloring (with white crayon for designs) still works great!

My little spy bunnies tell me the impromptu egg hunt did bring some fun to the chaotic morning at the restaurant, especially since no one recognized my hand in it all for a while!

Happy Easter, Butch!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures that you have shared which has gotten me quite anxious for the Spring thaw and the sighting of budding plants. The capture of the swan was great and well-suited for the holiday

Greg said...

It was terrific to feel a little warm sunshine on my shoulders (sing along with me, everyone) and it was exciting to find some signs of Life in every direction!