Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Storms but Good Times

Today was a stormy day, as it turns out, with a whole series of thunderstorms sliding rumbling by overhead. You can kind of tell that, from the size of the puddle out behind the restaurant. Fortunately, the hail was just a momentary thing and didn't repeat throughout the day.

As you can see, I got a couple of great cloud photos, though I wasn't lucky (or unlucky?) enough to capture any lightning strikes. I was inside for most of those.

As you can see, the weather isn't stopping us from having a good time. Mom and Dad are in town for the week, and Sue and Joe on Cape for the weekend. Tonight we all got together for a fun dinner out.

Although I'm still experimenting with the settings on the camera, you can still see we were having a great time together!


Butch said...

Hi Greg,

What a great picture of the family! Glad everyone had a good time.

Those clouds were powerful looking and one is always wise to be indoors for a lightning show.
We had one of the most beautiful days this spring with 70 degree weather and blue skies to match. Now, for the reality check, tomorrow and the rest of the week will be showers. ( Now, that's more like it for the PNW ) We took advantage of the day and mowed both lawns. If we waited until next week, we would have to borrow a farmer's tractor to chop it down. ;-) Unbelieveable growth in only a few days.

Enjoy your family!


I think you resemble your father. Your mom and dad look very happy!

dykewife said...

seeing your seedlings in the entry just before this reminded me to you soak your morning glory seeds for a day or two before planting? this way they start to sprout and will grow faster. apparently they have a tough outer shell and when you plant it without soaking it, it takes longer for the plant to germinate, especially in low water situations.

you probably already know that though, but you mentioned how late in the season yours were blooming last summer. being in saskatchewan (say that 3 times fast) mine were always blooming around mid-july and our season is shorter than yours.

tornwordo said...

Love the cloud shots. It's almost impossible to catch lightning with the camera anyway.

Greg said...

Butch: things seem to be growing more quickly now, what with a little warmth and some rain (your big resource in PNW)-congrats on getting your lawn mowed. Ours is probably nearly ready, too. Fortunately, just a little patch this year.

Dykewife: You're right, I always soak my morning glory (and lupine) seeds before planting. It's just remembering to plant them early where I sometimes drop the ball.

Torn: Those were just before a new wave of thundering moved in mid-afternoon. I try for the lightning every now and then, but that whole thing of standing there and taking a photo every three to five seconds just in case gets me tired and wet.

somewhere joe said...

I was mesmerized by topsy-turvy Puddle World as a boy. I could imagine myself diving into the sky below, and flying off to whatever awaited there...

Fun lookin' fam.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg,
So glad you're having a good time despite the weather. Great photo of the family!

Heather (Pence that is)

Wonder Man said...

Great family pic, I hope you had a good time

Greg said...

Oh, that's it, exactly,'s like lookin down into another world, a portal to some other dimension. As the old song says, imagination is silly...(oh, but so much fun).

As for the family, we've definitely been having fun this weekend!