Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Stormy Seas

While I was on my run to the store, I decided to detour to the shore and do a little bit of exploring. I found myself at the far end of Riverside Drive, where Herring River meets Nantucket Sound, in West Harwich.

This common eider was stoicly letting the wind and the rain buffet him around the river's edge. He really looked as though he might enjoy a quiet inland pond better on a day like today.


Gawpo said...

"Like the ultimate Sim Game, but with consequences." I LOVE THAT! And all your pictures, too, Greg. I have seen you around on Hooky Beach and over on Coop's place. Good to meet you. G

Greg said...

Hey, Gawpo!

Welcome to the garden! I'm glad I finally had the chance to visit the Annals of Gawpo tonight, after crossing paths with you hither and yon across the blogosphere!