Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Orioles Return

I was giving the garden a little attention this morning when I heard a familiar voice behind me. I knew it was about the time the orioles would be returning, but I didn't know if I should expect them here in this neighborhood. But there he was, a flash of orange, sitting up there singing to let us all know he had arrived. I'll have to pick up an orange or two to cut up and leave out for his enjoyment and use in courting.

I remember watching the oriole couples frolicking in the apple blossoms in Eastham. As it turns out, the apple tree outside the kitchen window is about to burst into flower, so we might be in for a similar show this year and right outside the window. The cat will have a happy stroke.

The larger, earlier purple tulips are starting to show a little signs of wear, but the smaller ones which have appeared alongside the first flowers are looking quite enjoyable.

I wouldn't mind if they all came up this size. Perhaps that's something I can look forward to as the bulb ages.

I hope you all will indulge me another long lingering gaze at these delightful bleeding heart blossoms. It's been so long since I've had one of these around. Does anyone else see Marlo Thomas as That Girl (but with pink hair) in these pendant little hearts?

Our neighbors to the west are almost never over there, so the grass and other denizens of the green are having their way with the backyard. Here's the view through a break in our own fence. It's a delightful sort of chaos that happens when plants get their way, isn't it?

That little splash of purple by the break in the fence is more money plant--it really does seed itself in everywhere. Oh, and I also took this photo to show you all the LEAVES which have suddenly appeared in the treetops all around!

Every spring this happens. Meteorologists apparently love to f*ck with me. They tell me we've got four out of five days coming full of rain and so I leave the hose and watering can aside for other pursuits. And then the storm changes track, or breaks up over Cape Cod Bay...and there's my garden, unwatered.

This week, it was supposed to rain Monday and Tuesday...and we didn't see Drop One of that. The storm moved out to sea, so all we got was some serious wind. And in a week where tropical cyclones and earthquakes have killed hundreds of thousands of people in other parts of the world, how do I find it in me to complain about a sunny day?

It hadn't been that warm, so I really wasn't too worried about watering...especially since it was still going to rain on Thursday and Friday. Now that schedule's been revised, too, with rain currently predicted/guessed at to show up Friday and last the weekend.

I'll be watering things in the morning, just to guarantee it.

Check out these crazy clouds over our street tonight. I swear I didn't photoshop them, but doesn't it look like the winds just going in all different directions?


tornwordo said...

Lovely photos. The cloud shot is really neat.

Butch said...

You do have a fertile mind seeing Marlo Thomas in those . . .well I'll be, it does look like her!;)

On one side of our property, we have one of those wooden fences and during last year's Fall/Winter storms we needed to put a brace on the fence to make sure the wind didn't blow it down. Regarding the watering, we've had our share of rain to keep me from pulling out the hose. Unfortunately, the lawn is wet and I can not mow it since driving the mower up the hill in the back will eventually make the tires spin in the wet grass. Meanwhile, the grass grows higher and higher. Your flower beds look great. Since Steve is super busy and I'm not able to get down low, one of the requirements of gardening, we hire a fellow to come in and clean up the beds etc., from the previous winter storms. ( need to do that as soon as it dries out more ) Have a great day!

Jenn Thorson said...

Lovely pics as always. I see either the "That Girl" photo you suggest in your bleeding hearts, or the poster for "Hairspray." :)

Love the tulips, great color.

afod said...

This was an interesting post in a few ways. First, I saw Marlo right when you mentioned it. Secondly, to get a look at that "splash of purple" by the fence, I actually moved my head, thinking that the sun in the photo would disappear behind the leaves of the tree. DOH! Many thanks for your tips and words of advice yesterday!

Greg said...

Oh, good, I'm glad to hear some of the rest of you are seeing Marlo, too...(though I shouldn't assume just because of that, that I'm not crazy...).

Torn, the clouds were really odd. They were just little wispy bits of things, but when I got inside and looked at the photo, there seemed to be an Escher thing going could also see it as great banks of clouds moving activity which was reserved for today, actually.

Jenn, I thought there might be a bit of "Hairspray" in there, too!

Butch, I hope you're able to find a young man who'll work hard but with care in the garden...and maybe look good with his shirt off, too!!

Afod, sounds like you got sucked right into the picture! Cool!! If you "embiggen" that pic, the little money plant flowers are a *little* easier to see, anyway.

Glad to be helpful with your current gardening project! Happy growing...!

Sh@ney said...

I just adore those bleeding hearts...I want some!!

And your fence resemebles our fence, though yours is more in tact...LOL

Such a pretty place you have! I'm jelous!

Anonymous said...

How nice that you get orioles visiting you. My Mom never gets them in West Oneonta NY, but recently she has had two who seem to have settled in at least for awhile. Nice pics!

Heather (Pence that is)

Lacey said...

yes, I'm seeing Marlo also. Cute. Butch's urn is still bugging me though. I keep staring at the pictures...damnit. I was sure YOU would come up with it.

LFV said...

You have an oriole! We do not see orioles, except on the sports section of the evening news. There is something _seriousl_ wrong about this ecosystem...

Greg said...
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Greg said...

Welcome back, Sh@ney!

Lacey, that plant in Butch's urn (the rest of you should surf over and check it out at Butch's Banter, in case one of you recognizes it...)--it looks familiar, but I don't think it's something I've grown before.

I would definitely like to find out what it is...since it looks like the kind of plant a gardener could have some fun with.

Heather, I'm glad to hear the orioles are at least visiting Oneonta...they are such a joy to see.

LFV, aren't you in Baltimore? Maybe there really is no more logic in the universe than 42, but it does sound sort of broken that you don't see orioles there, of all places!

Patrick said...

I hadn't seen Marlo Thomas in the bleeding hearts, but now I'll never be able to see anything else. Unless it's the Hairspray poster, I see that one too. Cracks me up.

Greg said...

P, I couldn't be happier to have twisted your world view just a little ! ; )