Friday, July 18, 2008

Doodle Evil

As Doodle Week continues, I finally decided to contribute something brand new and current...especially since today's theme, Doodle Evil, coincided so nicely with my Quit Date for cigarettes. So I sat down and sketched this out this afternoon whilst waiting for an appointment that never materialized.I must offer my thanks to Tornwordo for modeling good quitting behavior these past two weeks and also for encouraging me at this latest attempt of my own, and so the Nicodemon doodle is for him, but also for me (it's good to be able to see the enemy) and for all of you.

If you see this thing, crush him under your heel, run him over with your car, hand him a sizzling stick of TNT, drop an anvil on him...something. Do not listen to him. He IS Evil.

Right now, he's encouraging me to tell you all how much I hate you or to complain about the garden or the traffic or the inconsiderate people at work...and how all those unpleasant feeling could go away real easy if I were to just have a cigarette. But I'm not gonna do it this time...because I know I don't hate you all, or feel inconvenienced by the garden, or the traffic...though I was a little annoyed at the folks at work.

Actually, it's been a relatively good day...and I did get to see The Dark Knight late this afternoon! It's really fantastic, if a bit long-ish. Heath Ledger did a most excellent job in his role here as the Joker (and if you try to say otherwise, I'll cut you...oops, nope, that's the Nicodemon again) and I have to say, Christian Bale is like the perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne...there would be a lot to say if I tried to really review it though, and except for the movie, today I have the attention span of a go here and read this review instead.


Claire said...

Huzzah! for the stoppage of smoking :)

Does that mean Doodle Week can take credit for you quitting?

So on the next one I can write:

"So much fun it cures all known bad habits, from toenail biting to smoking"

Kelly said...

You can do it. Be gentle with yourself. Offer yourself the compassion you'd extend to anyone else suffering or struggling. Find some indulgence, preferably one with out calories, though they are harder to find - a book, a smell, a place, a thought, a movie, (you did great with the Dark Knight viewing) - and simply savor it. There's an instrumental version of Imagine on my blog. Start with listening to that. Gift yourself for having the courage and the strength to make a positive change. Don't try to pretend it's a small change. It's a huge change. Take support when it's offered and ask for it when it's not. And when all else fails, pray to St. Anthony to find more willpower. CYBER HUGS!

Erika said...

Great doodle! And I'm jealous you saw The Dark Night!!! I will try to see it when(if) the hype dies down ;-)

Butch said...

I am sending my strongest thoughts your way in helping you defeat the infamous "Nicodemon". I think you captured its image very well. Take that picture drawing with you everywhere and when you feel that hollow feeling and the weakness associated with it, pull out that drawing and stare at the beast and have a glass of water or something else. I know you can do it this time, Greg.

I must have tried at least five times to stop but the last one did it, thank goodness. Good luck to you and I'm behind you 100% (Don't worry, you're safe; been married for over 27 years.) ;-)

babs said...

I echo Kelly's suggestions on how to quit smoking or any of those bad type habits.

Am glad that you liked DK. Go, go see Mamma Mia now that you've seen DK. It is pretty good, though there were parts that I liked better in the shows. ( am such a drama geek. Translation: I have both the movie version of Cabaret and the revival one. Same goes with Chicago and will probably be true with Mamma Mia. (Though I _hate_ the girl who plays Sophie in the Original London one. Her voice bothers me. )

And when do you think they're going to get busy on the following adaptions of shows: the new Cabaret, Wicked, and Avenue Q? They don't even need to hire people for Avenue Q?

Birdie said...

Visualization is a method used in fighting cancer. You can picture your body defeating the nicodemon, and it helps your body produce the chemicals that will ease the pangs of withdrawal.

We're all rooting for you, Greg. We want you around for a long time.

Curt Rogers said...

Good for you, Greg! I'm thinking of quitting (again--I know, PATHETIC). If I may make a suggestion: ACUPUNCTURE. Ask for the semi-permanent needles in your ears. They're like little band-aids that stay in a week or so at a time and the entire I was on them I had ZERO desire to smoke. Unfortunately, I stopped seeing my acupuncturist and started smoking again. They're the best "relief" I've ever found!

somewhere joe said...

Outstanding illustration, Greg. It should be published.

I quit smoking twenty years ago, defeating each craving as it came, one at a time. They came right back at first. But over time they grew farther apart, if not less intense, until they were so far apart that they all but disappeared. The benefits of quitting, increased stamina, better sense of smell and taste, more money in my pocket, started right away.

country girl said...

That's great news that you have committed to quiting that awful weed. My father died of emphysema. Not a pretty way to go; he was only 62.

Java said...

Hang in there, Greg! I like that picture of the hateful Nicodemon. I'll be sure to stomp his ass if I see him around.

Sh@ney said...

Keep it up buddy, you are doing much better than nate & I at the moment!
Three Thumbs up to you, (I had to borrow one of Nates though)


Patrick said...

Good for you, my friend, that is no easy task you've set for yourself, so give yourself credit for coming this far. And since I know you've got a great body worker in your circle, I would recommend getting a massage sometime soon, if you haven't already. Definitely you need to give yourself as many treats as you can come up with.

I also love the drawing. He is a sneaky little fucker, isn't he.

Anonymous said...

I see that you still have quite the creativity and drawing experience still. Those are some fierce talons the demon has. Are those what eventually make their way into a smoker's lungs, leeching into one's blood stream, constricting one's arteries and leading to eventual death? Then yes, I'll kill the demon for you any way I can!

It's interesting that you noted the movie's "long" length. I can recall hearing a review of the movie on TV and the guy saying, "If you don't mind sitting for two and a half hours..." I always seem to remember in the days of my youth where it seemed three hours was the norm. And this was when it didn't cost an arm and a leg in production costs. ;-)