Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fireworks of the Floral Variety

Sorry to say that after the parade on Friday, the weather began to take a bit of a turn for the remainder of the holiday weekend. By late Friday night, it was raining and Saturday morning's early hours wore a foggy misty cloak of gray.

After having stayed up so late to put together the slideshow, I was happy to have the excuse not to water the garden and I didn't even take any new photos before dashing off to work.

However, I do have a few I took after the parade on Friday, which I still haven't shown you yet. One of them is terrific substitute for that great ball of fire in the sky. Is there any doubt why they're called sunflowers?

I still don't know exactly what these little purple flowers are. I've not yet found them in any guides, though have suspected they are some unhybridized version of something more familiar...perhaps another kind of veronica or something.

Anyway, nice fireworks substitute there.

Again defying reports of its death (ah, if it had been so for its namesake), the tea rose Mister Lincoln has produced a most beautiful and perfect looking rosebud. I really thought he was dead for real this time, so this just goes to show you how much I know.

This is one I really wish you could push your nose into--its scent is heavenly!

The Chrysler tea rose is being rather prolific this year, now offering its second and third yellow blossoms, with still a few more on the way after that!

Here are some lovely oriental lilies I was enjoying at work today, such a sweet fragrance!

They were featured in the wedding arrange ments of Leia and Frank, who were joined in marriage at our location and then celebrated throughout the afternoon.

It's been a pleasure working with them these last few weeks and I offer them my heartiest congratulations, along with best wishes for Much Happiness and Love Always.

(And hey, look in the background, you can see those three yucca plants blooming along the driveway!)

Some late afternoon showers were pretty heavy and managed to dampen my spirits for trying to do some fireworks photography near Rock Harbor this evening. By the time the skies cleared again, just before the display was to begin, I was already comfortably relaxing at home and didn't feature getting back into the car again.


Jenn Thorson said...

Happy delayed Fourth, Gregoire!

It was hazy here as well. But at least we didn't get all the huge thunderstorms all weekend that were originally predicted.

Boom! (firework noise) :)

Greg said...

And a bing and a bang back to ya, Jenn!

Glad to hear it was a good weekend, without being all dramatic and such!