Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Wednesday Without Words


Birdie said...

I like this experiment in providing my own meaning. The juxtaposition of the sea, the sand and the moon really grabbed me. The elements have such power. (Music: "Make Your Own Kind Of Music.")

Greg said...

Hi Birdie!! You made me think, for some reason, of the old Victorian meanings of flowers, and I scanned the day's pics to see if I'd accidentally included some secret message.

None of today's four blooms appear on that list, though, so even the Garden isn't helping to confer meaning!

Delightful, isn't it?

CJ said...

Beautiful pictures Greg. Glad you're enjoying the fruits of your labor.

dec0r8or said...

Who needs words, when you take pictures like that?! I hope all is well with you on the Cape--wish I were out there with you!!

Robin Easton said...

Hi my friend, These are about the most gorgeous set of photos....the morning glory is almost unreal it's so perfect. Gawd! And those little BRIGHT blue flowers in the first photo are AMAZING! What are they. They are almost fluorescent in color. I also could not believe the rose. It looks so real here..I mean it is real but it looks like more than a photograph...the light in it is incredible. I think it's the best rose photo I've ever seen. ALSO in the fishing photo, what are those things out in the water...they almost look like trees. Seeing the dunes ALWAYS makes my miss the sea SO bad. I have to get back to Maine and walk along the coast. We used to always go to Reid State Park when I was a kid. It is so lovely there. You live in one of THE most beautiful places on earth.

Hey you missed Graham Edttrige's moon photo challenge. You would have won with this photo!!! I'm serious it is INCREDIBLE. Did you take this. And with WHAT?

Sorry about all the questions here but this was such a great batch of photos, which say a lot since every post you do is utter eye candy. I've missed be over here due to such an intense work load. But I always go away from here reminded of what life is REALLY about. I almost wasn't going to put a garden in this year but I started reading you blog waaay back and put a garden in very late...surprisingly it is growing faster than last years and is in the same stage of growth if I'd planted it mid May. It went in the end of June. I kid you not. I will try and eventually do a garden post...I'll let you know. Thanks for the inspiration!!! Just wonderful!

Greg said...

CJ, it *is* nice to sit back and enjoy the blooming...which isn't to say I don't have plenty of weeding and deadheading waiting for me every day!

Hiya Sherm!! Thanks for stopping by! Always a pleasure to hear from you. I'll have to stop by Serendipity to see how things are going at the new digs.

Greg said...

Robin, dear, you get your own seperate reply comment.

The tiny blue flowers are called Dayflowers. They are about an inch across or less, just little bits of things...and so basic in their construction that I often think of them as Flower 1.0. They are of the tradescantia family, meaning they are related to both spiderwort and the houseplant wandering Jew. I discovered them at the last garden and they hitched a ride in assorted pots when I moved everything last fall.

You have a keen eye--I'm always waiting for someone to look at one of my Rock Harbor photos and notice the trees out to sea. I'm not sure of their species, but they are planted to indicate the channel leading into the harbor.

I didn't know about the Moon Challenge, but I did take the photo. Just held my digital camera up to the eyepiece of an old telescope that came into my hands this spring. (Sadly, it's not powerful enough to have let me seen all the details of Jupiter's close orbit last evening. SIGH. But it allows a nice moon pic now and then.)

I'm so happy that I inspired you to plant a garden this year, even a late one! They're pretty great to have doubt the bees and the birds would thank you, too, if they could!

Claire said...

WOWSER! The photographs are gorgeous :)

Just when my little patch of garden starts looking half decent, it has non stop rained :(

I think I will be adding Cape Cod to my trip in September :)

Gillian said...

Love ALL of these pics, so beautiful. And that you've set them to Howard Jones, even better.
I'm groovin and lookin at amazing flow flows.
I grew up listening to Howard, in High School I had the new wave hair and loved him to bits. . . along with almost everyone on "The Wedding Singer" soundtrack! LOL
(One you should get if you don't have it!!! You'd like it ;)

tornwordo said...

Very nice pics. But I think that's cheating, lol.

Greg said...

Claire, "call me", we'll do lunch!

Gilly, now I'm trying to picture you with 80s'll have to do a retro post some time to put those imaginings to rest!

Duly noted, Torn. Having some connectivity issues this week, and was so blindingly frustrated by the time I finally got the pics posted I thought I might let them speak for themselves for a change.

Anonymous said...

Love the post title! Wow, if that is the top rail of the fence in the background, those are some tall shasta daisies! Beautiful captures, including the moon.

Butch said...

What a beautiful variety of colours and flowers! Thanks.

Greg said...

Afod, that is totally the top rail of the fence. These shastas are very tall, with flowers about two inches across or better!! There's two different varieties, one blooming about a week later than the first, but all sharing the stage right now.

Butch, I'm so happy to share them with you!

Claire said...

I may just take you up on that offer :)

I am meeting up with Jenn aka Thrifty/Cabbage too on my trip, its a mini east coast adventure for me.

So this post wasn't actually a wordless wednesday the meme post?

Greg said...

Hey Claire! It would be lovely to show you the garden and some of the local sights and share a spot of lunch with you in September!!

Actually, I didn't know there was a Wordless Wednesday meme-thing to fall in with. I just got badly delayed in posting and really, each one of these is worth a thousand words, eh?

Plus, sometimes its fun to leave it open and see what the pictures say to the rest of you!