Saturday, August 16, 2008

Stormy Dark. With Yellow

It was a dark and stormy night.
Suddenly, a shot rang out, a maid screamed.

It is a dark and stormy night. No, really. But I'll get to that shortly. But since there's a break in the weather just now, I'm doing a little blogging as I watch the shot put events at the Olympics.

Yes, I'm on that schedule lately, since so much of the events happen live during our east coast wee hours. If Freestyle Snooze Alarm were an event at the Summer Games, I'd be in contention for a medal.

Anyway, the Garden. I'll lead with this new snapdragon that's begun blooming at the edge of the thistle cloud. It's really the only color other than yellow I'm offering today(and so, James, if you need to scroll down, I'm okay with that...).

It's not that there weren't other colors. As you can see from the long shot below, there were plenty of morning glories, but you know, we've been seeing those everyday for a while.

But yellow seemed like a good idea for this gray morning and so that's mostly what I seem to have captured. The glow of Apollo made a few sporadic appearances during the course of the day...most notably in early evening, when the deep orange light made long shadows outside of work.

But considering how gray the morning was, I think you can understand my wanting to focus on the yellows, like the evening primrose and marigolds above.

Soon there'll be new flowers and colors to share with you, as I've now officially found the first cosmos bud on one of those seashell-flowered plants.

The rain we're getting tonight should be an encouragement. I wonder, probably Sunday morning it will open.

In six or seven different places along the fence garden, you'll find clumps of this threadleaf coreopsis, regularly providing fresh little flowers as long as I remember to deadhead the old ones.

I do think this little guys are pretty enjoyable and I'm always amazed to remember that they have grown so prolificly from the tiny little side shoot that I dug out of my friend Paul's Wellfleet garden back in 2001.

Down below you'll find one of the tickseed coreopsis, re-blooming in a smaller fashion than earlier in the summer. As with most yellow flowers, I think they are pretty terrific, but I do think they are at their best when they mingle with other colors for contrast.

On the way home tonight around 11:00 p.m. was when I first spotted the lightning (I'd stayed to have a bite to eat while I watched the Mens 100M Butterfly swim with Michael Phelps on the bar TV. One more gold medal--this guy is amazing. But I'm not addicted to the Olympics. I could stop any time I wanted. Really.). By the time I got home the storm was ramping up pretty nicely, with some big lightning and heavy rain.

I stayed in the car in the driveway for a few minutes once I'd arrived. Partly for safety, but also to watch the lightning dancing across the sky.

When I was finally inside, I got a few candles lit. The power doesn't seem to go off too often here in Harwich, but I like to be ready when there's a big storm. And the radar map was making clear that this was a big storm.

It has been a lightning filled early morning, some of it pretty dramatic...and only hinted at in this latest series of screen caps.

Since it looks like a dreary mid-afternoon, I do feel the need to remind you that this last image was captured at about 12:35 a.m.
It's very quiet now, as the storm has moved past, a quiet darkness of dripping and crickets, punctuated by a distant roll of thunder receding in the distance.

Oh, and the crack of a starter pistol on television for the one of the races of the Heptathlon (Which always makes me think of the contest they had on Paradise Island to decide which Amazon would be Wonder Woman.). Time for bed!


somewhere joe said...

Freestyle Snooze Alarm is popular here too. But I'd like to know why in the beach volleyball games the girls wear sports bikinis (though they do look good), while the men wear baggies. :o/

I'm pretty good at this, but I don't think it's going to make the official games anytime soon.

Nice art-shade snapdragon.

Greg said...

Hello, my Olympian friend! The playing field for the Freestyle Snooze is delightfully relaxing when I picture it in my mind!

I'm afraid I don't get much practice at the beach lurch these days, since its often after dark when I get there, but I used to have some skill...

Must confess to not having been completed riveted by the women's volleyball. ; ) I suppose the difference in design results from their not having asked our opinion before!

Isn't that snap kinda cool? A nice surprise, I thought, at this jaded end of the season...

A Bear in the Woods said...

Oh, those little country cottages remind of where I grew up. Except, of course, the ones in your pictures are , you know, nicer.

I'm just a country mouse at heart.

Jess said...

I like the idea of Freestyle Snooze Alarm being an Olympic event!

On the storm front, so to speak, we've been having quite a time around here, too. I don't know what's going on this year, but we've seen a number of fierce storms. Not that we don't occasionally see that type of weather here, but storms that normally wouldn't occur more than once a year, if that, have been making an appearance more than once a week! I definitely can live without any more of these!

Greg said...

Greetings, Bear, from one country mouse to another!

Jess, it's kind of crazy, isn't it, all the hyper-weather this summer? There've actually been several reports of waterspouts along the NE coast in the last few weeks.

Of course, it gives a weather geek interesting radar to watch...

Jess said...

True. The radar has been interesting to watch these days!

We've had a few waterspouts here, too. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some interesting clouds from the window of my office which is on the north shore, and later that day I heard that waterspouts were spotted in Long Island sound, apparently from those same storm clouds.

lostlandscape said...

I'll have to post some of my standard cosmos though they're nothing to write about yet--leggy and sprawling so far. There'll be a couple of weeks when the plant will be total cosmos chaos, so it'll be worth the wait.

I'm starting to covet your rainstorms. We had a 20% chance of monsoonal moisture Thursday, but the 80% sun part won out. Sad.