Sunday, August 03, 2008

Weekend Garden Update

Saturday morning was nice and sunny, with temper atures quickly rising into the 80s, as I listened to reports on the Weather Channel of big storms approaching Manhattan and also sliding across the state in our general direction.

As you can see, the corn in the Three Sisters garden is doing quite nicely, even tho it is shaded in the very earliest part of the day. I've never had such success with as I have this year and it's lots of fun to watch as it grows taller all the time.

The pole beans are merrily twining up the vines, according to plan and at the feet of all that, the zucchini plants are blooming heartily. So that's all working out pretty nicely.

Couldn't resist a few more morning glory shots for you, as I know much you enjoy them. These two, with a few drops on them from the morning watering were especially sweet looking.

More cherry tomatoes are ripening every day and they are a nice addition to my morning breakfast routine.

There must be twenty or more house sparrows (and a few catbirds) who call the great mass of tree and shrubs next to the Three Sisters garden home. Some mornings, I don't see a single one, but can hear a great chattering and tweeting from inside. Other times, I walk near and they all fly off at once...which is a little startling, but pretty cool.

Here's another one of those evening primrose blossoms. Every morning, I see a few new ones, freshly opened from the previous night's dusk. Every now and then, I come out in the morning to find they are sparkling bright yellow all up and down the plant stalks.

Similarly, a few more sulphur cosmos are blooming every morning. With the evening primrose, they are working together to levitate the colors of the various marigolds which are blooming down below.

And the Queen Anne's lace is delightfully out of hand.

By evening, the storms had arrived for us and we saw some nice heavy rains, which had tapered off by the time I was leaving work.

This morning, this little bunny was munching in the grass when I came out the front door. He turned to move away and stopped for a moment, surveying the garden to see if he could find a way through the border. Eventually, he opted to dash off to the side yard, instead.

Today, we attended the birthday celebration of our friend Sebastian's eighth birthday. I forgot to take a photo of the birthday boy, but I did capture this shot of the delightfully big and squishy ugly rubber bugs I found as a gift for him. (That's a standard sized highlighter included in the shot for perspective.) He was thrilled.

I was a little concerned that his Mom and Grandma might not share his enthusiasm, but by the time the party was over, they both had designs on using them to have some fun with unsuspecting friends and co-workers.

On the way home, I spotted these wonderful clouds over the bay, and stopped briefly at Rock Harbor to capture this shot of the cloud-obscured sunset.


Robin J said...

I am incredibly jealous I have been in Canada 5 yrs and have yet to figure out their growing seasons. Your garden looks wonderful I know it must be a source of constant pleasure :o)

Java said...

Those are some big ugly bugs! But I like that little bunny. Have you trained him to nibble on the weeds?
Thank you for the morning glories.

em said...

That sunset is glorious.

One of the things I love about gardens (with which I have a complicated relationship) is that different plants thrive in different years. Maybe it's the weather, except that I live in southern California which is generally the same, and then I just water which is generally the same, but some years for example, no bell peppers at all, and other years way too many to deal with...

Oops, I *do* go on sometimes.

tornwordo said...

I hate to say this, but every time I see a morning glory picture, I wince. I had a major war with that plant - and lost.

D35 Keep the Quit!

Birdie said...

My son has some plastic dog poop we call Winnie the Poo. He gets it wet and leaves it out for our guests. Lovely.

CJ said...

The corn is green! Great shots as always. Seeing the bugs reminded me of having a Creepy Crawler bug maker as a Wish I had your green thumb.

Greg said...

Robin, I imagine being more northerly is complicated, growing-wise. Perhaps you need a greenhouse to start things in. The garden IS always a source of beauty and comfort!

Java, I told you they were some great ugly bugs...and yes, this bunny does seemed to focus on the weeds. ; )

Em, I love it when you go on...I've had scattered luck with peppers, myself. I should've tried some this year, with all this sun.

Torn, I suspect your war was fought with bindweed, which looks similar, but is MUCH more aggressive and choking than the morning glories. But sorry! (Day 18 here!!)

Birdie...Winnie the Poo? I'll be cautious if I visit your house. : )

CJ, I never had the Creepy Crawler bug maker, but they looked fun!

Jenn Thorson said...

I have to say, I am glad those big squishy bugs are your friend's son's toys, and not some new chums you found in your garden! :)

easygardener said...

The rabbit looks overwhelmed with the choice of goodies to nibble!

Butch said...

Beautiful pictures, and what a great idea for a gift for an eight year old boy! I'm glad you put a magic marker down as a reference guide. Those are huge!! For a brief moment, I thought you had pulled those critters out of your own garden! ;-)

Jess said...

Pretty flowers, a bunny and pretty clouds. What more could anyone ask?

The Hunky Gardener said...

I am loving the morning glory! Your blog is great. Do you mind if I link to it from my blog?

Greg said...

Jenn, perhaps I'll go back and get another set of those bugs for myself, to tuck into the garden here and there and keep visitors on their toes!

Hi Easy! Loved your piccalilly recipe--hope to try it sometime. I think that bunny was thinking escape more than dining, but the choices are legion!

Jess, I suppose it would be greedy and indiscreet to come up with a list in response to your question, eh? : )

Hey HunkyG...I think your blog's pretty great, too--you've sure hit the ground running--be happy to trade links with you.

Jess said...

You may list whatever you like, and when I'm elected Emperor I will grant your wishes. ;)

Greg said...

Wow, thanks Jess...ah, that is, your

Right. Heat really gettin' to ya, huh?

; )

Jess said...

Well, it's a long-term plan. ;)